Hardwood is often used for decoration, room and interior details: furniture, parquet, artwork manufacture.

Oak wood is durable and particularly resistant to moisture. It is hard and bends well. Oak wood is a traditional material used in the production of parquet and floor boards. This wood is also extensively used in the production of structures.

Considering our possibilities and situation in the market, today we are focusing on the following oak wood products:

  • Single-cut boards
  • Double-cut boards
  • Prefabricated products for floors and furniture

The company is continuously improving its raw material and product supply optimization. Operating optimal processes help us guarantee a system that is functioning normally for a sufficiently long period of time, as well as reduce costs.

Boards Type Moisture* Measurements
AA / AB 10% moisture

50 x 170+ x 3100 mm

AA / AB 6-10% moisture 50 x 200 x 3000 mm
B / C Double-cut
Natural moisture
33(30) x 200 x 2100; 2500; 4100 mm
Natural moisture

54(50) x 200 x 3100 mm

*Drying services are available if necessary.

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