About us

UAB PINUS LT began its activities in the wood import and export field in 2014. Professionals with many years of experience in the wood sector joined forces with the business development and strategic planning group for a joint goal - to supply wood products to foreign markets and become the leading cut wood trading company in Lithuania.

Ambitious and perspective team of professionals, wide geography of reliable suppliers, strict quality control, as well as well-developed and optimized logistics schemes enable to satisfy the needs of various wood product manufacturers in different countries around the world, by delivering raw wood materials via land and sea transport.

Our work priorities:

  • Sale of high quality products;
  • Flexible, fast and the right approach to customers and other interested parties;
  • Qualified, competent, responsible and motivated team.

UAB PINUS LT sells high quality wood which meets the modern high production requirements. We are professionals in our field in the cut hardwood (oak, ash, beech) import market. We can also offer our customers boards made from coniferous (pine, spruce and larch) and deciduous (lime, birch) wood.

Our products

Wood - a natural product used for thousands of years in various fields due to its exceptional properties. Each type of wood has different hardness and texture, therefore these qualities determine the use of each type of wood in the manufacture of different products.


Hardwood is valued across the world for its exceptional properties - durability, resistance and adaptability in both the interior and the manufacture of structures. UAB PINUS LT imports the following hardwood:

  • Oak. Oak wood is durable and particularly resistant to moisture. It is hard and bends well. Oak wood is a traditional material used in the production of parquet and floor boards. This wood is also extensively used in the production of structures.
  • Beech. Beech wood is very hard, heavy, dense and robust. The strength and durability of beech can be compared to that of oak, however it is sensitive to moisture. Beech wood is easy to process and grind, and can be perfectly used for special heat treatment – evaporation.
  • Ash. Ash wood is highly valued, since it is heavy, even slightly heavier then oak, and is very elastic, as well as resistant to damage. Ash is used to produce furniture, wood floors and doors. Due to its elasticity, ash wood is often used in the installation of gym floors.

Coniferous wood

This wood is a perfect construction material, as its intracellular void is filled with resin. Coniferous wood has an even color and texture, is easily processed and is highly resistant to rot.

  • Spruce. Spruce wood is light, soft, branchy and resinous. It is often used to produce log cabins, bathhouses, wood panelling, terrace boards and practically everything that can be used outdoors.
  • Pine. Pine wood is sufficiently strong and resistant to bending. It is easy to cut and process otherwise. Due to its properties, it is often used in the wood processing and construction industry.

Deciduous wood

Deciduous trees growing in forests are known for their strength and durability properties. This wood is heavy and hard, therefore it is processed harder and more rarely. It is suitable in the manufacture of furniture for both indoors and outdoors.

  • Lime. Lime wood is very soft, dense, splintery and easily processed. It is one of the softest trees. Softness as a wood property is particularly suitable for working with this tree, therefore it is widely used in carving and the production of bathhouses.
  • Birch. Birch wood is of average hardness, however it is relatively strong and hard to break. Birch can be easily processed by hand or by using a machine. Birch is often used in the manufacture of furniture: doors, room furniture, wood panelling and small wood works.


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