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Wood export

Currently around 50 percent of raw wood is exported from Lithuania. Wood export is one of the main activities of our company. We export the raw material of cut hardwood, deciduous and coniferous trees to Europe and Asian countries. All exported products have the necessary wood certificates (origin, phytosanitary, radiology, fumigation, etc.).

Wood import

Wood remains one of the most commonly used materials in furniture manufacture. We import cut wood products from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Transportation of timber

Safe delivery of wood products is a particularly important part of the logistics process. We supply wood products prepared for manufacture to Europe, Asia and many other countries customers via land and sea transport. We can help you with find out the best routes and prices.

Pine Pellets

Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly fuel in the form of small pellets made from pressed sawdust. The raw material for the production of wood pellets is obtained from coniferous wood sawdust that are made from 100% natural pure biomass. All packed in 15kg packs or big bags.

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