BSM15K-B 15KW Three Phase 2 MPPTs 400V (380V optional)

BSM15K-B 15KW Three Phase 2 MPPTs 400V (380V optional)

Bluesun ESS Solar System 30KW 50KW 100KW Solar Energy Storage System For Commercial Use

PV String Inverters
Max. Power
Output Voltage
CE, EN50549, TUV, VDE0126, VDE4105
5 Years (10 Years Option)

High Efficiency

  • Max efficiency 99.0%.
  • Double channels of MPPT
  • High precision & intelligent string detection
  • Compatible with 182/210 PV panels


  • 8K~17K natural cooling, 20K~33K smart air cooling. Compact structure, easy for installation and maintenance
  • Reliable under/over voltage protection, anti-islanding
  • Built-in AC and DC lightning protection module and provide full range of lightning protection


  • 15kw 3 phase solar system Supporting Stand-alone Anti backflow interface
  • Mobile phone APP and check the status information of inverter. 100%Pn under 45℃

Technical parameters

DC Input        Max. DC Voltage 550V 1100V    
Starting Voltage 140V 200V    
MPPT Voltage Range 90-500V
MPPT Range Full Load 240-480V 370V-850V 450V-850V 425V-850V 450V-850V 550V-850V
Max. Input Current of Each MPPT 13A/13A 20A / 20A 26A  /20A 40A  /40A 60A  /60A 65A  / 65A  / 65A  / 65A
Max. short-circuit current 19A/19A 30A / 30A 39A / 30A 60A  /60A 90A /90A 100A  / 100A  / 100A  / 100A
Number of DC Inputs 1/1 1/1 2/1 3/3 5/4 5/5 / 5/5
MPPT Number 2 2 2   2 4
AC Output         Rated Output Power 6kW 10kW 15kW 30kW 50kW 100kW
Max. Active Power (cosθ=1) 6.6kW 11kW 16.5kW 33kW 55kW 110kW
Rated Output Voltage 220V/230V(Mono Phase) 400V (Three Phase) (380V optional)    
Operating Voltage Range 172.5V-276V 300V-520V    
Rated Output Current  / 14.5A 21.7A 43.5A 72.2A 144A
Max. Output Current 30A 16.0A 23.9A 47.6A 79.4A 1583.8A
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz 50Hz / 60Hz    
Power Factor 0.8 (Leading) ~ 0.8 (Lagging)     
THD <3% <3% <3% <3%  <3% <3%
System Parameters               Max.Efficiency 0.9855 0.986 0.9861 0.99 0.9903 0.99
European Effciency 0.98 0.984 0.984 0.988 0.9851 0.9852
AC/DC SPD Support     
Insulation Impedance Detection Support     
Residual Leakage Current Detection Support     
PV String Fault Detection Support     
Output Overcurrent Protection Support     
Protection Degree IP65     
Operating Temperature Range -40℃~ +60℃     
Cooling System Natural Cooling     
Standby Power Consumption <1W <1W <1W <1W <1W <5W
Topology Structure Transformerless     
Operating Altitude 4000m (Derating above 3000m) 5000m (Derating above 3000m)    
Display LED Indicator + APP     
Communication WiFi / GPRS / 4G   RS485 / WiFi / GPRS / 4G  
Mechanical Parameters  Dimensions (W*H*D) 325*380*177mm 380*400*247mm 380*400*247mm 380*450*247mm 520*520*265mm 800*680*330mm
Weight ≤14kg ≤22kg ≤22kg ≤35kg ≤44kg ≤89kg