Solar battery tiles (for roofs)

  • Easy to install - Hook up installation, convenient and easy
  • Safety and Fire protection - Class A fire prevention, and avoid safety problems
  • Waterproof - Perfect occlusal fit between components, plus waterproof tape to prevent leakage
  • Strength windproof - Class F windproof, resistant to Class 15 typhoon
  • Strong and durable - Over 25 years of life protection, more durable than ordinary building materials
  • Beutiful and Fashionable - The component is the roof, which is integrated with the building and is more beutiful

Solar tile characteristic

Curved Solar Tile with MiaSolé cell

Integrate modern technology and inherit classic architecture. The unique design and size of the three arches have been reviewed by architectural experts, complementing architectural aesthetics and providing customers with more architectural solutions.

  • Structure: Double-sided glass
  • Power: 30W
  • Power/㎡: 103W
  • Weight: 6.5Kg
  • Size: 721x500x14mm
  • Frame: PPO

Structure description