About us

Sustainable and never-ending energy is the future for us all. The sooner we become part of it, and embrace the opportunities it offers, the sooner we can contribute to a greener future, which is in all our hands. Pinus LT, UAB is the official representative of Bluesun Solar components in Lithuania. Years of experience, a flexible approach to customers and a constant pursuit of innovation are our daily routine. We understand that without experience it can be difficult to understand the potential of solar power plants. Our goal is to help you not only to evaluate the benefits of solar power for business and individuals, but also to provide you with the equipment and installation services that will enable you to take a big and effective step towards a sustainable tomorrow. Solar power plant parts - solar modules, inverters, batteries, mounting structures, cables and optimisers - direct from the manufacturer's hands to your home.

We offer

  • Solar power plants for private individuals and businesses.
  • We provide solar installation services that cover the steps from planning to design, and finally to maintenance of the equipment.
  • We answer questions that help our customers not only to better understand the possibilities of the plant, but also to get to know the maintenance aspects.

Get in touch and start living greener, but more importantly, just as comfortably and much more affordably.

Completed projects