Pinus Solar, is a brand that nurtures sustainability, innovation, and comfort. Our specialisation lies in the sale and installation of modules, inverters, batteries, and other solar power components in Europe. With years of experience and a flexible approach to customers, we adapt to each situation, solve emerging problems, and respond to market innovations, which we strive to offer to our buyers first-hand.

We trade in Bluesun Solar products. Bluesun Solar Co. was established in 2013. It is a leading solar energy solutions company in China. With over 300 employees, Bluesun Solar is a well-known brand, and we are proud to be partners with such a reputable company.

Pinus Solar team, only the best specialists in their field work. They possess expertise not only in solar energy but also in technology and engineering. We are not only open to innovations but also welcome customer feedback, understanding that continuous improvement is the key to achieving results.

Our team's core values include:

  • Meeting the needs of every customer.
  • Clearly and simply explaining equipment, installation work, and maintenance in a language understandable to the customer.
  • Adhering to sustainable ethical standards, which are a priority for our company.
  • Responding to market innovations and offering them to customers.


We hope to bring people together to live greener lives and build a cleaner future, of which each of us is a part. We invite not only the community but also other businesses interested in supporting partnership relationships in our activities. We assist our customers in understanding all the benefits of renewable energy.


To encourage individuals and businesses to explore renewable energy possibilities more broadly and expand the solar energy sector in Europe. Also, to be a versatile renewable energy company that helps both businesses and individuals reduce energy costs and environmental impact by using advanced solar energy systems.

Let's build a clean, safe, and naturally based future together.

Together, we can make a difference.