Pinus Solar offers everything private and business clients might need to enjoy solar energy, from equipment to installation services. The goal is to help you avoid any potential concerns and enjoy a sustainable, economical, and comfortable life, which everyone deserves.


Not sure which solar models best suit your needs and installation location? Have many questions that raise doubts about whether you need a solar power plant at all? We will assist you, answer your questions, and dispel any myths. The more you know, the easier it will be to make the right decisions. We will speak to you in a language you understand, working together towards a more sustainable life.


Dreaming of a solar power plant but afraid of significant costs? First, consider this equipment as an investment, which usually pays off in a few years. Also, take advantage of our specialists' assistance to get precise numbers that will help align your needs and possibilities better. We will calculate not only the power requirement for the most suitable module for you but also the amounts that will help evaluate investments.


We will design with your convenience in mind, aiming to help you save a significant amount of time. Our team not only discusses the options for the most suitable modules and other equipment but also provides consultation on document management issues. Don't get bogged down in bureaucratic routines – reach out to us and save a considerable amount of time.


We not only trade in Bluesun solar modules and other necessary equipment for the functionality of a solar power plant but also perform installation work. We offer professional services, with only the best specialists in our team who actively improve their knowledge to perform tasks not only with high quality but also quickly. Positive experiences will help avoid additional charges and enjoy a functional power plant for many years.


We provide not only installation but also maintenance services. We not only respond promptly to malfunctions but also consult on equipment maintenance issues: how to clean modules from snow? What can be done to make the power plant operate more efficiently? How often technical inspection should be performed? And more. We will answer all the questions you may have. Knowledge helps to enjoy the functionality and possibilities of the equipment.

Pinus Solar aims to help customers implement the journey from idea to result as quickly as possible. Let's work together, aim for more, and create a sustainable future together.